ARTS Freshmen Party

Prepare yourselves, for even as the Orientation Week fades to memory and the colors of summer fade to autumn, the legendary ARTS Freshmen Party knocks on our doors, ready to strike with the force of a million gigawatts!

The Freshmen Party consists of a checkpoint competition around Väre as well as an afterparty of course! The goal is to learn how the maze of Väre functions as well as to meet other awesome students of ARTS. In addition, several associations are present, so if you haven’t got to know them all yet, now is your chance!

So grab a few friends and come explore what the Väre building has eaten. We guarantee loads of fun and new friends are awaiting!

The Freshman Party takes place on Thursday 3.10. Please arrive early as the checkpoints starts 6pm sharp! The checkpoint maps and point cards are handed out from Väre O/J side Working Cafe from 17:45 onwards.

P.S. Of course there will also be an afterparty! More information on