Home is where your heart is, in other words you’ll find TOKYO from where its members are. That said, TOKYO mainly operates at the Aalto University campus in Otaniemi. We also have couple of headquarters:

TOKYO’s spaces in Otaniemi

TOKYO Space is located in Otaniemi, Otakaari 1 Y -wing, next to Student Hub of the main building. The space is an open living room for all TOKYO members to hang out, have a meeting or event.

TOKYO’s service point can be found in TOKYO Space in Otakaari 1 on Mondays from 12 to 14. Here you can meet TOKYO’s board members for a chat, advice, or to purchase our sweet merch. Coffee may also be available.

Kipsari is a student restaurant, a bar, and a cafe owned by TOKYO. Kipsari can be found in the basement floor of Väre, right under the big stairs in the main lobby. Kipsari serves delicious vegetarian and vegan food and aims to be as ecological as possible, favoring naturally produced and fair trade products. Kipsari has its own website as well as a Facebook page.

Studio Kipsari is located in Otaniemi, Otakaari 7B. It opened it’s doors on January 2018 and serves vegetarian and vegan lunch daily from 11-14:30.

TOKYO online

And since it’s the 21st century, we are also reachable in the digital wonderland of the Internet.

First off, we are on Facebook:

In addition to that, check these sites out:

Last but not least, we have our member mails that we send to fellow TOKYO members in the beginning of each month. Also, never forget that you can also contact us! Whether you are in state of major emergency or just want to share your ideas with us, please don’t hesitate to mail us to hallitus(att)