Earn money and fame when TOKYO goes Night of the Arts

TOKYO goes Night of the Arts – Competition


The crowning of the Helsinki festival is the annual Night of the Arts (Taiteiden yö). This year the event is organized on Thursday 23rd of August.


TOKYO will have a presence in the festival and now we need your ideas on how that should happen. Do you have an idea that you have been dying to realize in Night of the Arts? Now is your chance to get the help and resources to make that happen. Design the art project of your dreams and get your friends involved! Fame, great portfolio material and a 200 euro reward is in store for the winner!


The task of this design competition is simply to design TOKYO’s presence in Helsinki Night of the Arts. This can be anything from an installation to a workshop. Hopefully the project will also somehow invite the citizens of Helsinki to participate. The location of the project will be Suvilahti. The exact location with in the area isn’t specified.


Project site in Suvilahti


The preliminary budget for the project is up to 200 euros but for well reasoned causes there can be extra funding. There are no extra points for being especially cheap or expensive. Only the best idea will win. There can be also great ideas with zero budget. We encourage the designers to utilize recycled materials and audience participation rather than buying new things or hiring lots of workforce. In the spirit of TOKYO’s ecological values, the designer should plan the sustainable disposal or rather the reuse of projects with lots of material involved.


The competition involves submitting your proposal via email by July 15th. The winner will commit to planning and organizing the project and being on the spot in Night of the Arts from 4pm to 8pm, plus the time needed for set up and dismantling the project. The winning idea will be transferred to TOKYO but the designer and people helping with the project will be credited.




Submit your ideas by July 15th 23.59 to hallitus@tokyo.fi. The form of the submitted proposal should be a pdf with max an A4 of text describing the project in a concise way. In addition to this you can add as many graphs and pictures to illustrate your idea. You can also link videos or other reference in the pdf if needed. The pdf should be named “X_TOKYO_Night_of_the_Arts” where the X is the name of your project. The competition is anonymous so don’t add any contact information to the pdf itself. When submitting your proposal add the following information to the email:


Name (or names of your group members)


study program


The Schedule of the Competition


July 15th 23.59     deadline for proposals

July 16th-22nd    review of the proposals and electing the winner

August            preparing the project

August 23rd 16-20.00    TOKYO in Night of the Arts



200 euros


Budget for the project

200 euros (for good reasons possible to get more funding.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact via email hallitus@tokyo.fi


Best of luck!


Aalto-University Students of Arts, Design and Architecture TOKYO ry