Arabia Maskerad 2016 – a visitor survey + a hunt for a graphic designer and badass bunch of ringleaders

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Open your arms and let the #TOKYOLOVE in as TOKYOs birthday celebration and Finland’s largest costume party aka Arabia Maskerad is getting closer all the time! For the sake of 55-years old TOKYO want to make this annual bacchanal of ours as brilliant as ever possible and that is exactly why we want a little help from you. Fill out the visitor survey (click!) to tell us your views on the event. Just a couple of questions that won’t take a lot of your time, but will be a huge help for the organizing team – a good deal, isn’t it?

In addition to making surveys we here in Arabia Maskerad’s headquarters are also recruiting. “Maskerad” doesn’t come into being only through stardust. Each year the event is created by an all-stars team of students of our school with appropriate devotion, who pull together in order to organize a night to remember.

In the first round of recruitment process we’re looking for a graphic designer and ringleaders for different sectors of the event. Read the descriptions below, contact us and be part of the most beautiful and coolest strike force of this god given year of 2016.

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Graphic Designer
What? Graphic artist, surprise, surprise, is the one who plans the entire graphical appearance of the event. This includes posters, flyers, online material and the tickets. In other words, we are looking for a person that has the guts to jump head first into the ocean of our (yet unpublished) theme and to make it shine.
Who? Here Arabia Masquerade at the headquarters do not believe that schooling programs categorize people. A good graphic designer is a good graphic designer is a good graphic designer, nevermind one’s educational background.

What? Well, website stuff. Big time basic coding, miracles are ok but not obligatory.
Who? A good A ok IT-person. Maybe that is you?

Ringleader of Scenery
What? Scenery team will ensure that the venue has the unique looks. Scenery is bound to each years theme.
Who? Over the years, the scenery team has consisted of, for example, scenery, design, architecture and landscape architecture, and interior design and art education students. For the Big Boss we’re looking for someone who has A Vision.

Ringleader of Ticket Sales
What? Ticket sales is the key link between the Maskerad Arabia and its visitors before the event itself. Tickets are sold in stands around the school. The ticket office will change cash to the ticket, with which the customers can be reached the paradise (that is, the Maskerad itself).
Who? A person who is a pedant, social and has some true organizational skills. A guru, who can also operate outside of one’s comfort zone (sell tickets in Otaniemi, that is).

Ringleader of Marketing and communications
What? Get ready to spread a lot of posters, but that’s not all! This is the 21st century! Hooray for the internet and social media! Hooray for video streams, hooray for neverending overhype!
Who? Bustling social media mogul. An Instagram whisperer who speaks internet as one’s native language. Also knows how to delegate stuff.

Ringleader of Program
What? Arabia Maskerad is more than just its scenery and the costume contest.
Who? A person who has the numbers of all the right people and an imagination that knows no boundaries. Could the program be more inclusive? What are the hottest bands? How about DJ’s? Where can we rent a spaceship?

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In addition to all of our love and the free entrance to the actual event all the people mentioned above will get some special benefits from TOKYO. Also the ringleaders will get a team full of energetic and brilliant people to help them (the teams are recruited in the beginning of autumn semester – so stay tuned).

If you are interested put your application (free form) by 15.07.2016 to the address

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