Teacher of the year 2015!?

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TOKYO makes an annual selection for the teacher of the year. Now we want suggestions from students, who is worthy of the title? The person elected has to be professor, lecturer, a full time teacher, or other main teaching member of staff in Aalto ARTS. Teacher of the year will be rewarded in the Publiikki graduation ceremony in 12th June 2015.

You can leave your own suggestions until 12th May by this form, or submit a proposal and arguments on paper to TOKYO’s pink feedback box outside TOKYO’s office.

Teacher of the Year…

… Teaches in exceptionally inspirational way

…Works hard to develop the learning community and to improve the interaction in between students and teachers

…Elaborates teaching actively

…Supports the individual learning of students

…Or has gained other significant merits during the academic year

More information about the reward and previous Teachers of the Year can be found here