Lava lamps and light games – How the scenery of Arabia Maskerad is created?

Arabia Maskerad’s traditions go a way back. Over the decades Maskerads have touched its visitors on a personal level as well as increased material for the headlines. Every year dozens of people work for months on various tasks, in order to make the masquerade celebration as majestic and breathtaking as ever possible. In the first article of our series of investigative journalism we’ll tell you how the scenery of this year’s Arabia Maskerad is made and who builds it. 

Arabia Maskerad happens on November 7th from 21 to 04 in restaurant Kaivohuone. This year theme is The Grand Illusion.

Written by: Ella Kaira

At the first meeting of Arabia Maskerad’s scenery team the atmosphere was sparkling. The schedule is going to be tight, but this scenery bunch of seven people does not worry. Suggestions for how Kaivohuone should be decorated on were pouring in. “Light paintings and video projections were hot stuff. Someone suggested a stack of lava lamps” tells landscape architect student Kaisla Rahkola.

Kaivohuone has been built in early 1800s. Old, wooden building sets its own limitations for the scenery, as it’s not allowed to hang anything on Kaivohuone walls. “However, the space is awesome. Its large mirrors, art deco spirited overall appearance and ornamental paintings fit right in to the theme“, Rahkola says. “There is a strange, white tent in the terrace. Something great could be built in there“, she continues.

This year’s scenery gang consists of students of interior design, landscape architecture, industrial design and art education. In addition to decorating the venue they’re also building up an impressive installation. The idea of ​​the state where you could fling with the event before actual Maskerad aroused enthusiasm. “There was talk of interactivity and masks“, Rahkola says with a mysterious tone.

Perhaps the tight schedule and the fact that nothing can be hanged to the walls has made the scenery team to come up with plans for a lighter look. Kaisla explains: “One light show will be surely seen. If we first manage to find a projector somewhere.

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