Maskerad – Frequently Asked Questions, part I

Arabia Maskerad is approaching. In case your minds are filled with questions we gathered up some information about the event for you guys. Let’s start with the easy ones, we will dig a little deeper later on?

Will Maskerad take place on Saturday October 24th?
Nope. A wrong date for Maskerad slipped to both, TOKYOs and AYY’s calendars. Sorry for that. Arabia Maskerad of 2015 will be celebrated on November 7th, from 21 to 04. We repeat: Do not go to Kaivohuone this week, if you don’t want to face an actual Grand Illusions in the form of non-existing party. Be patient and wait for November to arrive.

I want tickets to Maskerad and I want them now!
No worries! Maskerad ticket sales start tomorrow, Wednesday, 21st. If you are a person who likes to move on in life in the hard way, and just buying a ticket seems too easy, you can always take part in a competition. We have one going on in Arabia Maskerad’s Facebook page at the moment and there will be more of them when the event starts to approach. Keep your eyes opened!

From when those tickets are available?
You can buy tickets either from Kipsari, TOKYOs service point in Arabia campus and in Tiketti ( There will also be a pop-up ticket stall, where you can buy tickets with cash. The stall will be moving all around Arabia, Töölö and Otaniemi, you can find further info about this possibility below.

ARABIA (Hämeentie 135 C, in the main lobby)
► On Wednesday 21.10 11-14
► On Thursday 5.11. 11-14
► On Friday, 6.11. during MAFFE-festival

OTANIEMI (Otakaari 1, in the main lobby)
► On Wednesday 21.10 11-14
► On Thursday, 22.10. 11-14
► On Wednesday, 4.11. 11-14
► On Thursday 5.11. 11-14

TÖÖLÖ (Runeberginkatu 14-16 in the main lobby)
► On Wednesday, 28.10. 11-14
► On Thursday, 29.10. 11-14

Please note that in our pop-up bazaar you can pay with cash only.

How much do the tickets cost?
In advance the tickets cost either 12e (TOKYOs members) or 15e (without the membership discount). You can’t get the membership discount from Tiketti-tickets. Also, when buying a ticket from Tiketti you have to pay their normal service fees.
If there are any tickets left on the door, they will cost 17e.

Is this a masquerade or a “masquerade”? Is anyone going to get dressed?
No, this is not just a masquerade, here at Arabia Masquerade headquarters we prefer the title The Biggest and The Most Beautiful Masquerade of Finland. And yes, people, roughly 95% of them, are gonna get dressed. Some of the Maskerad-goers months to get their outfits ready, while others come up with their outfits a couple of hours before the doors open. Be our guest and check out the costumes of previous years from these picture galleries.

So what to put on?
That you have to find out by yourself. But, because we want to be fully involved in helping the brainstorming, we have gathered inspiration material here.

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