Maskerad – Frequently Asked Questions, part III

Arabia Maskerad happens today. Here is the last part of our FAQ-series, which we hope to answer every single question you, precious little things, might have on your mind. You can find the first part here and the second part here. Also check Arabia Maskerad’s Facebook page and event to certainly stay tuned.


I still have nothing to wear. I will not come to Maskerad.
Oh, but you will! Do not worry, we will get over this outfit-crisis together. We’ve gathered some last costume tips here. Inspiration material can also be found here. And why not just show up in Maskerad’s official pre-party and let the other pre-party goers take care of your looks? (Moe info about this below)

Finally, we want to point out that although we’re talking about Finland’s Biggest Masquerade, there is nothing to be stressed about. Year after year Maskerad’s trend accessory number one seems to be a loose moral and it’s all good if you show up without any outfit (we still recommend that you at least try).

When does the party start?
Arabia Maskerad’s doors open at 21:00. Get there early, first come, first served, and now we’re talking about *free* *bubbly*.

If you’re anxious and can’t wait till nine, come to official pre-party. The pre-party will be held in between 16 and 21:30 in TOKYO Lounge (Arabia campus, basement floor, right next to Kipsari).

And how does this pre-party thing work?
You enter the party, you bring your own bottle and your friends. We offer some face paints, glitter and people who are half-professionals with them. Then we have a blast.

How on earth will I get to Kaivohuone?
The easiest way is to come by tram 2 or 3. Because from here it is a little bit difficult to tell where exactly you’re navigating to the place, go to Journey planner to find the most perfect route for yourself.

Are there tickets at the door?
Although we sold unimaginably many tickets during the pre-sales, there are still some left. At the door the tickets cost 17e.

Is there a cloakroom fee?
Yup, 3e. Payment can be made either by card or cash.

Do I need my ID?
Can be. The person at the is a Kaivohuone employee, whose actions we can not predict. If you look like a 13-year old, please bring the ID. If you are a 13-year old, wait a couple of years (or get really creative).

I’ve heard rumors of a weather balloon.
We have some good news – Those rumors are true.

I’ve heard rumors of happy hour.
We have good news – Even those rumors are true. Happy hour lasts until 23:00 and during that the beer costs 5 euros. Cider and long drinks cost 5,5 euros.  Kaivohuone also serves a special drink called The Illusion for whole night with a price of 7 euros.

How does costume contest work?
TIn practice the competition works so that the organizing team spots the best costumes from the audience to the stage, after which the jury gives scores for them. One “member” of the jury is the audience, which gets an acclamation vote for each suit.

Costume Competition will start at 23. If you want to participate, we recommend you to appear for at least half an hour before that

When does each DJ play?
21:00-22:45 — ADRY
23:00-00:45 — YAMIX
01:00-03:30 — SCIFIBIMBOES

In addition to this stunning and lovely REX KWON DO VJs will give some serious sugar for your eyes from 21 to 03:00.

Photography Point?
The outfits are truly wonderful. That’s why we want to capture them for future generations. This happens at the photography point. Photo booth closes at 24:00. Pictures of the previous years can be seen here.

The whole thing still seems a little bit weird…
We understand that not all are yet familiar with the old Finlands Biggest Masquerade. That’s why we’ve put some information together:

Arabia Maskerad’s decorations
Costume contest
Overview of the history of Maskerad
TOKYO members’ Maskerad-memories
Last Minute costume tips

I’ll see you at a party?
Absolutely totally. Welcome.