Are you the one who’s gonna win TOKYOs Calendar competition this year?

tokyo_julisteThe Design Calendar is one of the most popular member benefits of TOKYOs. It has been published since 1975.

Last year’s victorious calendar (called “Time“) was designed by graphic design BA-student Sonja Sarsa. This year the calendar is designed for the period 1.8.2015 – 30.9.2016. The competition begins on October 15th and ends on December 1st at 2pm.

All ARTS students can participate on the contest and the winner is chosen by a prestigious jury. The detailed guidelines have been prepared in Finnish only though. This is because as most of the parts of the calendar are in Finnish, there should be at least one Finnish-speaking student in each team.

Here are some key points translated:

  • 1. The deadline for the competition is 1st of December, 2pm. Return the proposal to TOKYOs Service Point. All ARTS students are allowed to participate. However, carrying out the calendar plan requires fluent Finnish (if you don’t speak Finnish, you can have a friend to translate).
  • 2. Submit your calendar proposal with a working title. Write your name (or the names of the team members) and contact information inside a closed envelope attached to your proposal.
  • 3. The calendar proposal should include designs for the cover of the calendar, view of one week spread, materials and at least one of the spreads of the following things: TOKYO info pages and/or project calendar.
  • 4. The size of the calendar should be around 115mm high, 148mm wide. Present your proposal in real size. When showing week spreads, notice national holidays and feasts and ARTS exam days etc. The calendar is in Finnish, English and Swedish and without “name days”. Would be great if the calendar is easy to use, long lasting, well defined, personal and pro-environmental and ecological. We’ve also experienced that good qualities of a calendar are: abundant space for writing, paper suitable for all kinds of pens and pencils and durable surface materials.
  • 5. The jury is decided by TOKYOs Board. The members of the jury cannot take part in the competition.
  • 6. TOKYO orders the final design for the Calendar 2015-2016 from the winner(s) of the competition. The designer(s) works for TOKYO and gets paid 1600€. With the advertisment design, it can run up to 2000€.
  • 7. The design work includes ready-to-print files and also organizing the printing of the calendar, making a deal with the printing company and supervision of the printing together with the Calendar Committee. When making the final design for the Calendar, the demands of TOKYO should be taken into account (e.g. about the durability, usability and costs). Other terms of employment are discussed when signing the contract.

More information from TOKYOs executive manager Anna Merikari ( or chair person Lurppa Haggrén (

More info about the calendar itself can be found here.

Good luck for the competition, may the force be with you!