Calendar competition

Design Calendar, then known as TOKYO-opas, from 1977

TOKYO has been publishing its annual Design Calendar since 1975. Calendar’s designer is selected among TOKYO members by a competition. Calendar is  made ​​for each academic year, so the competition takes place in the end of the year. TOKYOs Board appoints calendar jury, consisting of experts from the field of graphic and students, which chooses the winner.

Design calendar’s name has varied through the decades. Originally published in 1977 as “TOKYO-opas” (in English “TOKYO-guide”), which gathered all the information of TOKYO and its services into one single publication.

Calendar also went for a long time as “Taideopiskelijan opas” (in English “The Art Student’s Guide”), providing information about Helsinki’s art scene and cultural hot spots. By the 1990s, the name stabilized to TOKYOs calendar, also the non-calendar pages have mostly disappeared.

The calendar has been published together with Aalto University’s Student Union AYY since 2018, when AYY celebrated the celebration year of the Arts, as the entire ARTS moved to the Otaniemi campus. Cooperation on the calendar has continued, and in 2021 TOKYO, together with AYY, will publish a renewed Design notebook.

The calendar is free for TOKYO members. Others can buy the calendar, for example, TOKYOs service point and Spring- or Christmas Sales.