TOKYO’s honorary mentions from 2018 onwards

TOKYO thanks the active members of TOKYO’s community and broader the whole ARTS community yearly in Maskerad. Here you can find a list of people who have been awarded a honorary mention in the past.

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Ateneum. An ARTS student who have been remarkably active in student associations for many years now. With a neverending passion for our community, creativity and tiredless act to improve the student life they have left their mark to the ARTS history.

2018: Kalle Keinonen, Larissa Haggrén, Elina Kuutti
2019: Otto Rummukainen, Veera Konsti, Lauri Pulkkinen
2020&2021: Astria Excel, Matti Jänkälä, Iida Palosuo

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Arabia. An ARTS student whose recent times efforts and unremitting fire towards our community has brought new innovations, stability and growth for our community through student association activities.

2018: Markus Holste, Olivia Hakala, Iida Palosuo, Laura Meskanen-Kundu, Suvi Vendelin
2019: Astria Excell, Matti Jänkälä
2020&2021: Daud Imran Bin Shamsul Amri, Heidi Kivistö, Pekka Lammi

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Väre. An ARTS student who has been creating good community vibe by volunteering, taking care of fellow students and being an important part of building our community’s general well-being.

2018: Aimo Hautala, Aïcha Konaté, Mindele Grant, Simon Carlier, Aliisa Perikangas, Miika Rissanen, Ella Liuksiala, Misaeil Rojas Terraza, Isabella Rauh
2019: Daud Imran Bin Shamsul Amri, Edith Kankkunen, Julia Hermans, Linda Mandell, Pekka Lammi, Isra Rab
2020&2021: Vilma Vanhanen, Vera Rantamaa, Totti Korpua, Ella Eskola, Francesca Bogani Amadori

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Special mention. The Special mention can be given to a person, creature, activity, group, employee, or a heroic act that the Committee sees to have made a positive impact on the ARTS community.

2018: Anna Merikari, Tapio Koskinen, Marjo Katainen, Camel Committee, Torso Magazine Editorial Team
2019: Riikka Peltola
2020&2021: ETL (later Klaffi) new board, Aalto Helping Hand, Aalto Test Site, Kipsari, Torso Magazine, Tero Uuttana