The Poppoo-deal for Christmas Sales

As some of the TOKYOs members already know, the Sheryls are already being busy little bees with the Christmas Sales organizing. Still, some help is needed during the Sales weekend also from outside TOKYOs board. Hence, we offer TOKYOs members an opportunity to get their sales table for a lower price in exchange for a little input.

Help is needed with simple tasks, which include organizing the tables and running TOKYOs café in the actual sales. By helping with the things mentioned above for three 3-hour shifts, you can get your table for the super special Sales-Poppoo price (limited to 10 tables!). The shifts can be either in the actual sales days (Friday-Sunday, 1 – 3.12.2017), or on Thursday before the sales (30.10.2017) when pre-organizing happens. Please note, that even if there would be more than one seller in the table there doesn’t have to be more than 3 x 3h shifts done.

This super special table price is 20e (norm. 45e). In addition to this also the Sales-Poppoo people have to pay a deposit of 15e / table (the deposit will be returned to sellers after their area is clean). Please have the exact change (35e) with you in cash! We offer 10 of these special tables and in the sales they will be located close to TOKYOs café. The special tables will be queued and reserved the same time with other tables, but the Poppoo-table reservations go first before the other reservations. While reserving one poppoo-table you get and fill a special Poppoo-table form (limited to 10 piece).


AND NOW THE IMPORTANT PART: The Christmas Sales are one of the most popular member benefits of TOKYOs. Organizing the event can only happen with some team work#TOKYOLOVE. It is also noteworthy that the cafeteria sales cover a big part of the TOKYOs annual budget, which will be used for example for events, project grants and all the other oh so fantastic stuff the TOKYO people get to enjoy of. You don’t have to have any former student activity background or already be a member of TOKYO Poppoo to take part in the Sales-Poppoo.

And in addition to this great discount, Poppoo tables are the first ones to be reserved in the reserving day, 11.10. SO you get a cheaper deal, VIP-line when reserving the tables, good place for sales table and nice experience being a part of the organizing team of best Xmas Sales!