Freshmen Info Packet 2019

TOKYO once again welcomes all of our new freshmen!

The Orientation Week is finally done with all its business and bustle, and many of you have already had the chance to get familiar with TOKYO and the ARTS/Aalto student community, but it’s perfectly normal to still be confused at this stage. Worry not, we are here to help! If you haven’t already gotten to know our new students’ info pages, you should definitely check out the following:

General info for new students

TOKYO’s freshmen guide: Info Torso 2019

TOKYO’s International Student Guide 2019

University slang

Student associations and what they do


Here are some of our upcoming events to keep an eye on:

5.9. – Start ARTS! (

13.9.-14.9 – “Where did you get that?”-market (pop-up sales) (

21.9. Night of the Arts in Otaniemi (

3.10. ARTS Freshmen Party (

6.10. International Food Festival

9.10.-14.10. TOKYO’s Lapland Trip 2019 (


Here you can learn more about us:

Also be sure to follow our social media channels:

With all that said, we wish you good luck for your studies and a successful semester! We hope our paths cross in the various ARTS events.

— Sheryl