TOKYO's board 2020

TOKYO’s board for 2020!

Our members have spoken once again in the Fall Meeting 18 November 2019, and TOKYO has received a new board for the year 2020! The line-up of the new board is as follows:

  • Linda Mandell (Design BA [Finnish]) – chairperson
  • Zhiwen Yap (Collaborative and Industrial Design MA) – vice-chairperson
  • Ninni Laaksonen (Design BA [Finnish]) – new students
  • Ellen Heikkilä (Architecture BA) – communications [not in the picture]
  • Natalia Ruiz (Collaborative and Industrial Design MA) – internationality
  • Betsy Akins (Collaborative and Industrial Design MA) – student advocacy
  • Jelske Van de Ven (Collaborative and Industrial Design MA) – student advocacy
  • Tim Moesgen (Collaborative and Industrial Design MA) – sheryl / event producer
  • Joona Järvinen (Collaborative and Industrial Design MA) – sheryl / event producer
  • Vera Väänänen (Design BA [English]) – corporate relations/outreach
  • Emma Van Dormalen (Collaborative and Industrial Design MA) – campus and spaces

(You can read more about the board’s sectors of responsibility here.)

Remember these names and faces, for when the year changes and a brave new decade dawns, the old board shall step down, as has been the way since time immemorial, and a new generation will assume the great responsibility they shouldered; and it is at that time that the eyes and hearts of the entire ARTS community turn to look upon the aforementioned, record-breakingly international board. For this sprightly group already burns with desire to step up to their new duties, and each in their own field start working tirelessly for the good of the students of Aalto ARTS.

Once again congratulations for the new board, and may your year be successful!