TOKYO’s Lapland Trip 2019

Once again, TOKYO comes back with its legendary Lapland Trip. This year, the trip we will be setting up camp all the way north in the pristine wilderness of Kilpisjärvi where Finland meets with Sweden and Norway at the 3-border point.

The only place in whole of Finland that boasts of having the highest fells, fabled history, best possible chances to spot the northern lights and so much more. We will be going there slightly after the foliage time when it just starts getting cold, enough to experience the extraordinary experience of a chilled swim in the Arctic Ocean, in Norway.

We will be staying at University of Helsinki’s Biological Research Station, which is an amazing place to explore in itself and discover about the work that they do and know about the Arctic wildlife.

The trip will include long and short hikes to Malla National Park and Mt. Saana, a day trip to Skibotn, Norway and so much more fun!

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The registration for the trip is open for all!! Do not forget to register as soon as possible as the seats are filling up fast!

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Warmly (or should we say coldly) welcome!