Join the Kino Sheryl Task Force!

10509764_359545690873438_4126564861280584595_nWould you like to take a look behind the scenes of Kino Sheryl and help us kick start the coolest movie theater in history?

Join Kino Sheryl Task Force! The way you participate is completely up to you. We’ll do our best to make your wildest visions come to life!

We will organize a workshop on 21.1.2015, starting at 14, where you can share your ideas and connect with other volunteers. The workshop will be lead by local legend of urban cultural activity Janne Kareinen. All registrants will be contacted by email with additional info. The workshop will undoubtedly be great, but if you can’t make it, there are other ways to participate.

Registration for the kickoff event is open until 19.1.2015. You can join by clicking here and filling in the form.