The search for tutors has now started – 9.3.-25.3.2018!

Student tutors help new students to get to know Aalto and the study culture in ARTS and their own programmes. By being a tutor you can get new friends, gain new skills and make Aalto a good place to study for new students! Tutors work in teams at the departments supported by the faculty and student organizations.

Tutors’ tasks:

  • The mission is to support, help to get into the group and help to a smooth start
  • 3 hour training in the spring (options: 17.4., 18.4., 25.4. or 26.4., either at 9-12 or 15-18)
  • ARTS tutors meeting in the spring (approximately 2 hours)
  • Planning the welcome of new students with others related
  • Contacting the new students in the summer and answering questions
  • Participating in the orientation week and starting events, such as tutor group meetings

Tutoring should not interfere with tutor’s studies. Tutors can do a 1 ECT course based on their experience by participating in the trainings and returning a short report on their learning. All departments have a tutor responsible to support other tutors and we aim to find more than one tutor for each programme.

Part of the tutors can act as specialized tutors for international students. In addition to the task list, we expect them to take part in a short extra training, to support getting settled to Finland and to give a bit more help and guidance. For this extra trouble a 200 € reward is paid. Task doesn’t require prior knowledge. Some of the international tutors can continue their work to cover students arriving in January, and an extra reward will be paid.

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Susanna Koistinen

Study coordinator