AYY’s new student council chosen – ARTS got 8 places!

The voting in the third Representative Council elections of Aalto University Student Union ended on Wednesday, 6 Nov. The turnout was 27.3%, which is a decline of 3.7 percentage points from 2011. A total of 4,039 eligible voters used their right to vote. The elections were conducted entirely electronically for the first time.

The electoral coalition Pro Arte celebrated election victory, when five of its candidates were elected to the Representative Council, which is three more than in the previous elections. Pro Arte also included the vote-puller of the elections Verna Kuntsi, who gathered 68 votes for herself. Pro Arte was part of the electoral alliance A+A, which received a total of 8 seats in the Representative Council.

Student council representatives from ARTS:

Pro Arte:
Verna Kuntsi, kuvataidekasvatus (vote-puller of the elections!)
Larissa Haggren, kuvataidekasvatus
Jani Nummela, kuvataidekasvatus
Pilvi Hussi, lasi- ja keramiikkataide
Laura Euro, kaluste- ja sisustussuunnittelu

Lauri Lehtoruusu, arkkitehtuuri
Santeri Nuotio, arkkitehtuuri
Noora Laak, arkkitehtuuri

Äänikuningattaren Verna Kuntsin yksi vaalikampanjakuvista.
One ot the capaign pictures of vote-puller Verna Kuntsi

This year, 320 candidates were nominated in AYY’s elections. The elections had four electoral alliances, which included a total of 16 electoral coalition.

The Representative Council of 45 members is the highest decision-making body in the Student Union. The new Representative Council will meet for the first time in November, when it elects the chairperson for itself and appoints the former of the next year’s Board, among other things.

Preliminary election results can be found at: http://ayy.fi/vaalit/tulokset/. The Central Election Committee will confirm the results at its meeting on Friday, 8 Nov 2013.