YTHS indoor air nurse in our school

sisäilmaThis is for those who think they might have health issues caused by the indoor air problems, but haven’t contacted the nurse yet.

In May you can do that in our school. The YTHS-nurse Johanna Eklundh, who has specialized in issues related to indoor air problems, is having a pop-up appointment with her colleague in ARTS’s Arabia-campus. The nurses are here 12:30-15 on May 20th and 9-11 on May 22nd. Reception will be situated in the meeting room of OOP. Meeting room is located next to OOP’s office in the third floor of Arabia center. You can enter the reception for example through TOKYOs service point.

If needed, the nurses will book a doctor for you. The doctor will write you a statement and with that you can get the right for accessible studies from OOP. Johanna Eklundh is on vacation during April and she’s being substituted by her colleague Laura Pohls. So in case you don’t want to wait till May, you should contact her.