Money money money, must be funny? TOKYO can give project grants for individual TOKYO members and the student organizations of ARTS. The decisions of allocating the grants are made by TOKYOs board.

Next up, simple introductions of how to apply grants. If in need of more information, please contact TOKYOs executive manager ( or visit our service point during it open hours.

Criterion for granting:

♡ ♡ The meaning of grants is to support students by taking part in costs of projects that benefit the TOKYO members, either in concrete (visual things and general comfort) or spiritual (#tokyolove) level. Grants have been given, for example, for artistic projects and organizing events.

♡ ♡ We prefer the projects that touch as many TOKYOs members as possible, happen one time only and promote students’ sense of community.

♡ ♡ Grant applications can be submitted at any time of the year. The application must be submitted with the form estabilished by TOKYOs board (form temporarily available only in Finnish – English version coming soon!), attached with the whole project implementation plan (what, when, where?) and the budget (how the money is spent?). Board handles the application in its next meeting.

♡ ♡ Application for the project grant shall be submitted before the implementation of the project starts.

♡ ♡ Other funding for the project will not affect TOKYOs grants, if it does not cover all of the project’s costs. Other funding will be found as an advantage.

♡ ♡ The grant will be paid after the project, when receipts and other reports are received. Different procedure must be agreed by the association’s executive director.