Kipsari is now open

Kipsari, the vegetarian restaurant owned by TOKYO, is back from summer vacation! We’re open for business from today onwards. Starting this fall Kipsari will no longer serve tuna sandwiches due to the ethical issues surrounding the fishing of several endangered tuna species. Instead, Kipsari will be serving a new seitan sandwich!

Last spring we brought in some board games, but this fall we aim to focus even more on evening activities (particularly on fridays) and providing new forms of entertainment. We’re also planning to bring you an 8-bit Nintendo along with some great games that change on a “game of the week” basis.

I hope you enjoy these new additions! If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the comment section or on the Kipsari facebook page. We’re hoping we could have the weekly menus available somewhere on this site soonish. In the mean time, you can find them from Facebook and on

Have a great fall!

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