Welcome, new student!

Congratulations on your new study place in the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture (or Aalto ARTS for short)! Getting through the application process is not easy, but you made it to Aalto, hooray!

Student culture in Aalto is very active, and in most part it is built by student associations. The students in ARTS are gathered under a student association called TOKYO. The mission of TOKYO is to bring together all the ARTS students, and to take care of their student rights as well as their wellbeing. During the year TOKYO organizes events for students such as the starting party of the academic year Start ARTS, TOKYO’s annual costume party Maskerad and the TOKYO Christmas Sales. Check out our FAQ if you have questions!

We have gathered this package that contains all the information a new student could possibly need before your studies start and even throughout the first year. The website is being constantly updated so if you are unable to find what you are looking for, please let us know so we can add more information to the page.

Freshmen guide

TOKYO also provides you with a freshmen guidebook. It contains some of the essential basic information in a nice concise way for you to read. Our freshmen guide is called Info Torso and you can find an online copy of it here.

Fun events

TOKYO, together with the other ARTS associations, would like to invite you to participate in a few events. These events are all optional, but if you are already in Helsinki when they are happening, please join us!

False Start event

Start your study year early, come learn more about what it
means to study in Aalto from other students. 21st August.


ARTS PreStart Picnic

This is a picnic for all new students, arranged in Suomenlinna
22nd August.


Start ARTS! party!

Start of the year party to celebrate orientation week is
organised in Otaniemi 5th of September.


Reach the other ARTS people

To stay up to date on goings-on in Aalto ARTS, go and like TOKYO’s page on Facebook here. You can also join the group for our association and like the page of our association’s personification, Sheryl. And we’re also on Instagram!

You can also join ARTS students’ discussion thread on the
Telegram app here. Telegram is widely used in the Aalto student community. It works much like WhatsApp, but it has several features that make it better especially for managing large groups.

Aalto International Students’ Guide

Here we’ve collected links to Aalto’s official pages for international students:

Useful links

We’ve collected here a group of links which should help your student life in ARTS and Aalto in general.