Post-it -party of October, s’il vous plaît!


Post-it party? Post-it party! An ingenious innovation of ours, born to deliver you the monthly truth of what’s been happening in the board during the past month.

Want to know about the former accomplishments of the board? Click the links below!


And off we go to October!
(You can see the pictures in full size by – surprise surprise – clicking them.)

Lurppa Haggren, chair person

We had a member meeting, TOKYO will start its own movie theater! WOOP WOOP. Been thinking about developing tutoring stuff with the student services. Had coffee with Tuula Teeri. Yay soon soon soon MASKERAD (have also helped with it)


Satu Sipilä, vice chair, school– and social politics, Poppoo

Good going-ons! Discussion event coming up!


Verna Kuntsi, social politics

Social politics suggests that you have the NOVEMBER OF YOUR LIFE! At least Verna will.


Iiro Immonen, school politics

The frost from Ural moved over. Summer continues! Western metro and campus are on schedule! MASCERAD is almost here!


Olli-Pekka Peltomäki, school politics


Otto Rummukainen, Sheryl (events)

Throwing – Glass – Gypsum. All the tables for the Christmas Sales were sold. Visual design for Maskerad works out well <3


Marianne El-Khoury, Sheryl (events)
has been doing the Christmas Sales: selling tables, writing the text for the Fb-event, getting sponsors. And Maskerad: contacting every place and -person, organized meetings and attending them, errrm yeah everything.


Nina Chen, international affairs


Maija Mikkola, new students + tutoring

Haven’t done anything… Waiting for Maskerad. Woop!


Mikko Akkola, communications

Event-communications has transformed into a blue-violet elephant with golden decorations.


Maija Ihanainen, communications

Communications yay, I’ll instagram till my fingers are shattered and is the best page ever. MASKERAD is also coming up, I’m excited of that as well! #TOKYOLOVE!!!!!!!!


Post-it party will be back again in November to reveal the amazing accomplishments of the board that haven’t been done yet.

Also, we recommend you to take a look at the calendar and to stay tuned of everything that’s happening in the future! For example, there is this one little event coming up the day after tomorrow.

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