The TOKYO folks are known to be very pleasant, funny and oh so wonderful bunch of people. Thus, it is natural that we meet on a regular basis to spend time together. Next up we have a review of what TOKYO’s range of events currently holds. You’ll find more acute information on our happenings in TOKYO’s social media channels.

The Classics

If you have heard urban legends classic TOKYO events during a year, you haven’t been fooled. These events are (in chronological order, starting from the autumn):

♡ StartARTS!
♡ Freshmen Party

♡ Maskerad
♡ Trip to Lapland
♡ TOKYO’s General Meeting
♡ TOKYO’s Christmas Sales

♡ The Calendar Competition
♡ Rousette Skating
Vappu Picnic
♡ TOKYO’s Spring Meeting

♡ TOKYO’s Spring Sales
♡ Teacher of the Year ballot

Other events

For TOKYO it is very important that, whether it be about their size or content, its event selection stays well-rounded. One reason for why someone could see the list of TOKYO’s annual list more or less short is that we have kept it like that on purpose. We want there to be spare space for new events, so that our range of events would be as fresh and lovable for our members as ever possible. Some of TOKYO’s events eventually fade away (Have you, for example, ever heard about legendary Hat Parties?) as some of them stay tattooed in our members’ hearts till the end of time. Some miscellaneous events seen over the years include:

♡ TOKYO Pop-up café
♡ ARTS Speedmeeting
♡ Drink Something / Draw Something
♡ TOKYO’s Clothing Swap
♡ Kulta-aika
♡ International Food Fair

If all of the above doesn’t feel like enough and you just want some more, you should definitely check out what TOKYO Committee has to offer for you. In addition to all of its other actions, the Committee gathers together every now and then in a very casual but yet so great spirit, would it mean Nintendo or board games.

The main responsibles for organizing the happenings are the TOKYO board‘s event chiefs aka Sheryls. But, as in TOKYO we want to believe that teamwork makes the dream work, everybody are more than welcomed to orchestrate the events with us. So, would it be for some of the events that already exist or a brand new concept, please don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

And, of course, everybody are welcomed to the events (especially you; yes, you). Hopefully we see you soon in one or ten of our events!