Student life

Student life in Aalto ARTS is as colorful as our students. Our school consists of five departments: Architecture, Art, Design, Film, and Media, and many more study programs under these departments. This variety is considerable even in Aalto’s scale. Whatever the differences in our trades, what unites us is that we are all creative professionals. Even if you’ve just come to Aalto, you’ve made it to the 7th best art and design school in the world, which is already an accomplishment to be proud of.

TOKYO embodies that commonality. We are here to bring out the voices of ARTS’ students and support you on your journey as a professional in the creative fields, wherever it may lead. We are the beating heart of the ARTS community, the tireless defender of the creative fields in Aalto, and the shoulder to cry on if you have trouble. Wherever you come from, whoever you are, we welcome you with open arms.

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