Table reservations for TOKYO Christmas Sales starts Tue 11.10.

TOKYOs Christmas Sales are organized in December, 2.-4.12.2016 in Media Center Lume.

Table sales start at Tuesday 11.10.2016 at 9:00 in TOKYO’s LOUNGE (next to Kipsari).  To reserve a table you have to be a TOKYOs member and show your membership sticker in your student card.

Table for the whole weekend costs 45 euros for TOKYO member and 90 euros for alumni. The deposit that you need to pay is 15 euros and it will be returned back to you after sales and cleaning are over.

Here is the introduction of how to reserve a table, s’il vous plaît:

(this text might seem longer than life, but we really recommend you to read it all through, thanks.)

♡ Maximum 1 table / TOKYOs member. You can share the table with other TOKYO members.

♡ To reserve a table you have to be TOKYOs member and while reserving you have to have your student card with TOKYOs 2016-17 -sticker in it with you. If the sales table is about to be shared, all the sellers have to TOKYOs members (and there has to be a student card or a copy of it from each one of them, even though everyone of them wouldn’t be present while making the reservation). If the table is complemented with more sellers (who naturally have to be TOKYOs members as well) afterwards, TOKYO must be informed of the situation.

♡ If you’re not TOKYOs member yet, you can join by filling the membership form and paying the membership fee (ridiculous 8e) in the service point (cash goes, card goes, anything goes).

♡ In proxy cases (that is to say, when the actual seller can’t make it for some important reason and sends someone else to make the reservation) you must inform TOKYOs executive manager Anna in advance (anna.merikari (at) One person can have only one proxy for reserving a table.

♡ Also TOKYOs alumni members (people who have graduated from TaiK or ARTS and paid for TOKYOs alumni membership 2016-2017) are welcomed to the sales as sellers.

♡ The prices for the tables (Fri-Sun) are 45e / table for TOKYOs members and 90e/table for alumni members. In addition to this the sellers have to pay a deposit of 15e / table (the deposit will be returned to sellers after the final clean up). Please have the exact change (60e / 105e) with you in cash!

♡ We offer a limited chance to buy more selling space. A little extra space (70cm x 70cm) costs 10e and a big one (70cm x 140 cm) 20e. We also have a few tables (70cm x 70cm) that fit the the little extra space for sale, their price is 10e.

♡ The tables are about the size of 120cm x 40cm. The size might variate depending on the location and tables available.

#TOKYOLOVE is a common thing of ours that keeps us all warm in the night. In the other words, also this event of TOKYOs is organized with the almighty power of volunteer workers. Also You can get a great discount of your sales table and skip the queue by joining the Christmas Sales -Poppoo! Read more about this amazing deal from here.

♡ TOKYO fights against the routines with all of its actions and in this spirit we would like to challenge the people who have been in the sales before to reserve their tables from different spots than before.

♡ If there are tables left after the table sales end in the Lounge, they  can also be reserved at TOKYOs Service Point on Tuesday 11.10. at 12:00 as long as there are tables left. If there are no free tables the enrolled people will be placed in a queue for cancellations.

♡ Table sales happen in the Lounge only on Tuesday 11.10. from 9 to 12. The booking is not refundable.

♡ We recommend you to be there on time, because normally there has been more than only one or two persons queuing when the sales have started. Like last year, we are trying to ease the queuing with calling certain queuing numbers for reservation for a specific time, after 9:00 in half-hour cycles.


And that’s pretty much it! If there is something these little guidelines didn’t offer an answer for, please don’t hesitate to contact TOKYOs executive manager Anna Merikari (anna.merikari(at), phone: 0505209439).

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