TOKYOn Joulumyyjäiset 2020

Tervetuloa TOKYOn Joulumyyjäisiin 2020, jotka toteutetaan tänä vuonna verkossa!

Tällä sivulla esittelemme Joulumyyjäisten myyjät tuotteineen, löydät myös linkin verkkokauppaan, jonne pääset ostoksille!

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Alma Peltola: Printmaking and paintings


Kaisa-Maria Laiho
Fine Art prints and postcards


Totti Korpua: Paintings, screen prints, stickers, and surprises!


Verna Kuntsi
Dinosaurusfaneille tarjolla maalauksia, monotypiaa, litografiaa sekä joulukortteja. Täältä löydät myös Seikkailutaidekoulun seikkailutaidekortit. ??Tervetuloa tutkimaan! 
Lisätietoa taiteilijasta:
Mira Caselius:


Elina Länsman: Uniikkeja maalauksia ja litografioita.…/grafia13/section/elina-lansman-sipila/
ViviKnots: Handmade micromacrame art Unique and colorful micromacrame jewelry and accessories. Special Christmas designs and items with reflective elements.
Sabina Friman: Talismaani is a collection of contemporary Finnish plywood jewelry, inspired by historical animal talismans used for their magical qualities in ancient Nordic culture.


Talo House upcycled custom clothing and accessories
Olli Romppanen:


Socially Committed Pasta Dried and hand-made social pasta and committed recipes for our dear humans.


Heija Design Unique handmade items, jewelry and headbands made from sewing yarn and ribbons, facemasks and reflective products.
Terhi Adler: Ceramics (cats, pins), cards, posters, zines (comics)
Alexandra Czupryna: One of a kind risoprinted posters A2 Postcards & Paintings


CALMA, JOANA Juicy riso prints by João Emediato IG: IG: Store: Visual Communication Design MA
Veera Forsman Earrings made of plywood, art prints, and Christmas cards


Annukka Mäkijärvi: Posters in sizes A4, A3, and A2


Tong Ren Calendar, postcards and art prints
Sylvia Javén
Original artworks, paintings and drawings.
Delivery of artwork to be discussed by mail, see details in my webpage


Amy Gelera
Original illustratios and design.
Sticker Zine (A5 format):
Digitally printed stickers, plotter cut.
Black screen-printed poster.
Black riso-printed bellyband.


Strips & Stripes Jewelry and home decor made of plywood and leather
Ruut Joensuu Ceramic vases ”little women and grumpy men”
Ordbord Sterling silver necklaces and earrings that are inspired by women writers and thinkers
Tiina Majabacka: Fine Art Photography Prints


Kirsi-Marja Moberg Postcards, paintings, scratch board artworks


Kati Peltola Glass rings and hand soap


Noora Katajalaakso: Serigraphy Fine Art Prints


Jolanda Kerttuli… Postcards, posters, calendars, and screen prints


Jenni Nylander: Keramiikkaa Purchase: [email protected]


Jasmin Huttunen: Art prints, Christmas cards & stickers
Irina Markoska: For questions or a pick up arrangement: [email protected] I sell watercolored Christmas cards, prints and holographic stickers


Hyoeun Park: Silver jewelry Sterling Silver Jewelries


Heidy Tiits Fine art prints and paintings


Greta Salonen Prints and painting (watercolor and acrylic)


Elisa Rauma: serigraphy prints and mixed media paintings, earings


Aino Ojala: Mini wallrugs


Ariane Relander Nature and Wildlife illustration (ink pen illustrations, ink paintings and watercolor paintings), Fine Art prints


Kiira Keski-Hakuni Vauvakirja
Omstart/ Salla Seppälä Jewellery and facemasks from recycled materials. Koruja ja maskeja kierrätysmateriaaleista
Juuli Miettilä   Prints and postcards
Tom Engström 192-page comic book about foreign student life in South Korea. IG @corndogtom


Jonna Rutanen “Hämeentie” Soap Dish was made of leftover tram stop granite stones found abandoned in 2020. Hämeentie is the second busiest street in Helsinki and have been under construction since 2019. @jonnology Shop here: