Want to earn some money?


The Producers of the Väre Housewarming Party are looking for students to help out in the event organizing. If you are interested see the announcement below for more info. This with other job opportunities related to the moving celebrations will be posted on the TOKYO website under ARTS move:


Heads and hands up for jobs in Väre Housewarming Party !

The new Väre -building in Otaniemi will open, and we will have a Väre Housewarming Party on September 4, at 17:00-20:00.

This will be a big celebration with 500 invited guests; ARTS students, staff, faculty as well as our important partners and stakeholders. Besides celebrating the new house and we also want to show what our school is about, what do we do and how do we do it. There will be welcome speeches, guided tours, studio visits, exhibitions, food and drinks, music, and so on.

For all that, we will need some extra hands.

If you Interested in working for this event, please, fill in this questioner by July 31.

We will be in touch with you by July 7.

And yes, we do pay you, 14 €/hour!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kindly, Eeva

Eeva Mäkinen


[email protected],

+358 50 514 2420

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