Well-being workshop on Tue 24.3. at 16:30 @ TOKYO Hub


This time is the Tokyo Hubs turn to explode into the air. Of well-being.
Familiar already from the What’s going on ARTS -event ARTS’ own sovereign and super sweet psychologist Timo “once again” Tapola walks back to the stage with an armful of warmth, comfort, and great powerpointslides. Are you stressed out? Is your head on fire? Where can one buy fire blankets? Wha?
There will be frantic discussion over stress and and issues requiring a foam extinguisher in general.

TOKYO will be present in the event to support you and to offer soothing, energizing and steaming coffee. Come to TOKYO Hub on Tuesday at 16:30 (the event can also be found in some, of course)

Whether you’re a walking burn-out who longs for a stress relieving detonation, an Aalto Wolf who craves for a free afternoon coffee or you just simply can’t get enough of the wonderful Timo Tapola YOU HAVE IN EVERY CASE ALL THE REASONS TO SHOW UP! COME !