I ♥ Kipsari Grant 2018 application is open!

Eating in Kipsari is like putting money in your pocket: Through TOKYO, Kipsari is owned by ARTS students! With the profit that Kipsari makes TOKYO supports students’ art projects and in fall 2018 it is possible to apply for a great 1500 euro Kipsari Grant as a TOKYO student member!!!

The jury deciding on the award consists of art and design professionals.

The grant can be applied until 10/12/2018, 2pm. Return the applications to TOKYO’s Service Point (TOKYO Space, Otakaaari 1 Y 137-143, open Mon & Wed 12-14.00), or via e-mail to executive manager Tero;  tokyo@aalto.fi

The application should include:

-A textual part with a short description of the project, budget and applicant’s contact information.

-Carefully chosen A4 size pictures of the project, max 5 copies.

-CV and in applications of the visual field, portfolio (max 10 pages, max A3 size) is required.

The following conditions are applied:

The grant is distributed to TOKYO’s student member/members artistic project’s material costs. The membership of term 2018-2019 will be checked when returning the application.

The grant cannot be used for salaries or allowances.

The grant can be distributed to one or two artistic project.

The grant has to be used for the purpose it has been granted. The beneficiary must return a report of the use of the grant latest three months after the project has been completed. The granted project must be completed during one year from the release of the grant. The grant may be reclaimed if it is not used in accordance with the allocation criteria.

The original receipts have to be attached to the report. The form for the report will be given to the beneficiary after the grant release.

More info from TOKYO’s office, executive manager Tero tokyo@aalto.fi