Christmas Sales table reservation begins!

TOKYO’s Christmas sales are organized on 1st-2nd of December in Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma. The sales will be open to the public during the museums opening hours Sat 10-18 and Sunday 10-17. Table reservation for the sales begins on Wednesday 31st of October at 12:00 online at Only TOKYO members and alumni members can reserve tables. One table for the two-day-sales costs 60€ for student members and 100€ for alumni members. After reserving a table, you will receive an e-mail with the link through which you can choose your table. All tables are in size 45x120cm and come with an unicolored table cloth which reaches the ground. Notice there are only a limited number of tables available and only the window tables 1-16 permit hanging of artwork. On these tables the hanging is done on white A1-sized foam boards which will be placed on the window sill behind the table (The foam boards will be provided by TOKYO. One board/table). On all tables it is possible to hang lightweight artwork on the table cloth in front of the table.  It is strictly forbidden to attach anything to the walls. Due to tight table set up we can not unfortunately rent extra selling space. More info about the practicalities will be sent to the sellers closer to the event.

If you have any questions about the sales, please send them to