Are you a fast-disguiser, considerate costume-picker or striking show-offer? – Here are the last minute costume tips for Arabia Maskerad 2015!

In the last part of our Arabia Maskerad article series we lend a hand for those poor people who haven’t figured out their costumes yet. Before this our team of investigative journalism has reported of the birth process of Maskerad’s decorations, the annual costume contest, history of the event and told some awesome Maskerad memories the TOKYO members have.

Arabia Maskerad 2015 will be held on November 7th, at 21-04 in Restaurant Kaivohuone. This year the theme is ‘The Grand Illusion’.

Written by: Ella Kaira

Does your costume lack glitter that cumulates on your cheekbones? Is your party gear missing a startling detail which the carnival-goers are craving to experience? In this site we have collected some last-minute costume tips that suit for every fast-disguiser, considerate costume-picker or striking show-offer.

1. Last summer’s picnic plates will certainly charm every one when, instead of used for eating, they flutter as giant ears. Simply magical costume is generated by cutting triangle-shaped holes in the middle of the plate and slipping them into your hearing organs. Finishing is done by brushing some brisk color spots in your new ears. The result should look somewhat like this.

2. Enormous eyewash is born by painting loops and curves to your face. Don’t think this idea would work out? Well, check this Russian make-up artist’s creations out! All you need is a make-up palette, which can’t necessarily be found from every chicks handbag, and a piece of good old determination.

3. If all you can see is sawtooth patterns or endlessly winding staircase complexes never fail to turn you on, you should have a peek at what Pedro Friedeberg’s paintings look like. Getting inspired by his still lifes is a certain way to transform a simple outfit into overwhelming cacophony.

Every single one of us does Maskerad in our own way, would it be adding an extra layer of powder to your nose or perfecting your outfits for weeks. The most important thing, however, is to have fun. Even if the event will be full of super amazing outfits, we don’t want any of our party guests to feel any pressure on their shoulders. If necessary, additional inspiration can be found for example here. Also check out the official inspirational material of Arabia Maskerad 2015. We’d also like to add that here in Arabia Maskerad headquarters we have heard that the hip accessories of the year 2015 are carefree attitude and loose moral.

BONUS TIP! Maskerad has an official pre-party on november 7th, before the actual event. Pre-party will be held in TOKYO Lounge (Arabia Campus, basement floor, right next to the Kipsari) from 16 to 21:30. There’s gonna be at least a pair of scissors, tape, lots and lots and lots of glitter, a pile of face paints and plenty of good guys. So why not just show up there and let the other pre-party goers take care of your looks?

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