TOKYO 55 years of being organized -exhibition at LUME Gallery 15.9.-23.9.2016

An exhibition telling a story of students being in power

The exhibition TOKYO: 55 Years of Being Organized on the history of the Arts Student Association TOKYO in Aalto University opened in Media Center LUME Gallery on September 15 at 7 pm. The exhibition is curated by 2nd year Master student of ViCCA (Visual Culture and Contemporary Art) programme Emilio Zamudio, who got access to TOKYO archives and interviewed the past and present Association’s members and board. The exhibition presents artefacts and data on struggles and victories of the student organization that has always been one of the most active in Finland.

The Student Association TOKYO, representing the students of Art, Design and Architecture, embodies one of the main cultural streams present in the University. On TOKYO’s 55th anniversary, this exhibition aims to give an historical perspective of its development. Spanning the Association’s story starting from 1961 and even before that, the exhibition demonstrates that student organizations have always played vital role at the university, representing values and goals of their members, influencing the educational institutions that have sheltered them and constantly developing sets of practices, organizational skills and knowledge that empower and link endless generations of students.

As the new students are joining Aalto University with the start of the school year, the exhibiton reminds that Aalto ARTS owes to the energy and efforts of organized students from the past, and shows how the present students are keeping alive and updating this culture, drawing on it to help create Aalto’s own mix.

TOKYO: 55 Years of Being Organized will be on display in LUME Gallery (Hämeentie 135 C) from September 15th until September 23rd.

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