Degree reform 2014


Degree reform, why and what’s happening? Debate on the reform is on Wednesday 3.4. at 16:30 in Media Factory!

New curriculums will start during the year 2014. Departments have prepared proposals for new areas of specialization* and majors. These changes may affect your studies, future education and the whole art field in Finland!

*Area of specialisation: when applying directly to education leading to a master’s degree, the area of specialisation is the degree programme or major leading to that particular degree.
TOKYO is organizing a discussion event on Wednesday 3rd of April at 16:30-18:30 in Media Factory’s auditorium (Arabia campus, opposite to Student Services, OOP, in 3rd floor). There will be representatives from each department. It is crucial that students are heard on the issue, so be there!

For more information:

Facebook: Debate on the degree reform