Teacher of the year 2015 Minna Suoniemi

Minna suoniemi

TOKYO nominated the Teacher of the year award in ARTS graduation ceremony on Friday 12.6.2015. The teacher of the year was chosen by the votes given from students of ARTS during May 2015. The teacher of the year award was given to Minna Suoniemi, from department of Art.

“Has definitely earned the title of teacher of the year because of her encouraging and inspiring teaching style and significant contribution to her programme”

“Is fearless, has good views, is a skilled artist and pedagogue Approachable”

“Is open, honest and suitably manic. Has achieved a lot in the short time she has been working in our department”

Teacher of the Year qualifications…
♡♡Teaches in exceptionally inspirational way
♡♡Works hard to develop the learning community and to improve the interraction in between students and teachers
♡♡Elaborates teaching actively
♡♡Supports the individual learning of students
♡♡Or has gained other significant merits during the academic year