The teacher of the Year is Maija Fagerlund

TOKYO awarder the Teacher of the year award in ARTS graduation ceremony on Friday 16.6.2016. The teacher of the year was chosen by the votes given from students of ARTS during April and May 2016.

Teacher of the Year…
… Teaches in exceptionally inspirational way
…Works hard to develop the learning community and to improve the interraction in between students and teachers
…Elaborates teaching actively
…Supports the individual learning of students
…Or has gained other significant merits during the academic year

The teacher of the year award was given to textile design teacher , Maija Fagerlund from the department of Design.

Arguments for the choice, picked up among the votes (and freely translated), were, for example:

“They are always on the ball of what students are doing in their studies at the moment and what their goals are. They are always there for you when needed and they always organize time for the students.”

I always have the feeling they are on the side of students, on and off courses.”

“A great teacher and a support pillar for their students”

“A dream teacher”