Teacher of the year – Tuija Peltomaa

TOKYO nominated the Teacher of the year award in ARTS graduation ceremony on Wednesday 15.6.2016. The teacher of the year was chosen by the votes given from students of ARTS during May 2016.

Teacher of the Year…
… Teaches in exceptionally inspirational way
…Works hard to develop the learning community and to improve the interraction in between students and teachers
…Elaborates teaching actively
…Supports the individual learning of students
…Or has gained other significant merits during the academic year

The teacher of the year award was given to Art History teacher Tuija Peltomaa, from common art studies department.vuodenopettajapotretti_01

Arguments for the choice, picked up among the votes (and freely translated), were, for example:

“She is an inspirational teacher whose lectures I have found for the first time in my life enthusiasm for art history. She is able to keep the students’ interest above until the last minute, and she knows how to bring out her expertise in an interesting way. She also knows how to answer the questions. The answers are often better than what the questioners even hoped for.”
“Solid workmanship, interesting lectures, student orientation”
“I have learned in her class more than any other classes.”

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