TOKYO Poppoo

Want to know what is and what is going to happening in our school?poppoo_web

Poppoo is a group for active TOKYO members, who want to do stuff with and for TOKYO, including events, Arabia Maskerad, school politics, demonstrations, whatever. It’s a good deal. Being a Poppoo members means no commitments but brings a lot of benefits. Poppoo is all about school politics, organizing parties and anything in between!


Poppoo-group for year 2016 is including Marianne El-Khoury, Veera Konsti, Larissa Haggren, Kaisla Rahkola, Mimma Tuomisalo, Elina Kuutti, Lauri Käkelä (autumn 2016), Reko Laurilehto and Venla Heiskanen!


If you are interested to join Poppoo, or want to make sure that you don’t miss anything, you can join the  TOKYO Poppoo-Facebook group. Board’s Poppoo-responsible is Lille Santanen and you, of course, can also contact her if you feel like it.