Kino Sheryl

10888596_375218299306177_5585306041565117235_nKino Sheryl was a cinema owned by TOKYO which operated from 2015 to 2019.

Even though the cinema was owned and operated by TOKYO, it was not just for students. The program consisted of both alternative and art house cinema as well popular movies. Kino Sheryl also offered a rare opportunity to see movies created at the ARTS Department of Film.

The story of Kino Sheryl began in February 2015 in ARTS’ former campus in Helsinki’s Arabianranta. The occasion was quite momentous, as it marked the first new cinema opened in Helsinki in fifteen years. The cinema at the Arabia campus had a 300-seat auditorium which was equipped with both film and digital projectors. The theater’s CEO was TOKYOs ex-chair and a general student advocacy legend, Ilmari Arnkil, until the summer 2017.   While Kino Sheryl’s operations at Arabia ended in the summer of 2017, the theater found a new home in Cultural Center Caisa in Kallio, where it opened in the fall of 2018. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that the theater’s operations in the new location were not financially sustainable and after continued financial difficulties, the theater eventually shut down in June 2019. Currently, TOKYO is exploring possibilities to reopen Kino Sheryl in the future in a different location and business model that might even better serve ARTS students.

Kino Sheryl had its own board that managed the theater. You can still contact the theater by mailing Kino Sheryl also has its own website, accounts on Instagram and Twitter and a Facebook page.