Membership benefits

As a TOKYOs member you can get many different member benefits with TOKYOs shiny silvery sticker. All of the TOKYOs benefits, would it be advisory or some fancy discounts, belong also for alumni- and supporting members.

♡ ♡  The greatest of TOKYOs membership benefits is love. It may sound a bit cheesy, but still it’s true. Student advocacy and the well-being of our members and ARTS in general are the main purposes of TOKYOs existence. TOKYO is in between. It has more authority than the other student organizations of ARTS, however it’s much closer to the everyday lives of our students than AYY. The more we have members, the more we have voice and resources. By joining TOKYO you’ll be supporting the greater good for our school.

♡ ♡ TOKYOs design-calendar is probably the most popular member benefit of ours. The calendar is published yearly and it’s valid from August till next year’s September. The designer of each year’s calendar is selected with a competition. In 2018 and 2019 the calendar was done with co-operation with AYY.

♡ ♡ As a TOKYOs member you can take an insurance for accidents, valid  1.10. – 30.9. yearly. The insurance costs 15 euro/year. You can take the insurance from TOKYOs office. Please note, that you need to have a residency in Finland and a Finnish social security number. Get more info about the insurance from here.

♡ ♡ KIPSARI is granting student projects together with TOKYO, every year Kipsari makes a profit. I ♡ Kipsari -grant can be applied, when you are a TOKYO member, the grant has been as big as 1500€.

♡ ♡ Torso, aka the coolest magazine in universum owned by TOKYO, is free for our members. Torso is published four times a year and it can be found from Kipsari and TOKYOs service point. Read more about Torso here.

♡ ♡ TOKYO ry can also grant applications for discretionary project allowance for the students and student associations of Aalto ARTS. The grant decisions are made by TOKYOs board. More info about the grants can be found here.

♡ ♡ One euro discount from Kino Sheryl’s movie screenings!  Kino Sheryl is owned by TOKYO. Check Kino Sheryl’s program from here. a and remember to show your student card with the TOKYO sticker on ticket sale..

♡ ♡ ARTS student card entitles you to many student benefits from art museums and special art shops. Always remember to ask for discount, cause, well, you never know.

♡ ♡ Art students can get a year card for states museums, with a price of 14 €. It’s valid for one year from the day of purchase, in Ateneum, Kiasma and Sinebrychoff museums.

♡ ♡ Besides of all this, as TOKYOs member you can get discounts from many shops, bars and museums. Below you can see the full list of TOKYOs member benefits – hope you can enjoy the most of it!

Psst: Do you have some ideas of other places where you’d like to get discount as TOKYOs member? Tell us! Contact TOKYOs executive manager ( or the board ( and we’ll see what we can do to make to make your member benefit-dreams come true!