Teacher of the Year

opekuvitusTeacher of the Year is chosen annually by TOKYO. The person of choice has to be a professor, lecturer or other member of full-time teaching staff.

Teacher of the Year…

… Teaches in exceptionally inspirational way

…Works hard to develop the learning community and to improve the interraction in between students and teachers

…Elaborates teaching actively

…Supports the individual learning of students

…Or has gained other significant merits during the academic year

This tradition dates back to the times of the student union. Back in the student union days the selected teacher of the year was rewarded with salary increases. Today, the winner does not get money anymore, but is rewarded with glory and general admiration.

TOKYOs principle has been that the same person will not be chosen to be the teacher of the year more than once. Nevertheless, Antti Ikonen has won the prize twice, either due to information interruptions or Ikonen’s unimaginably good pedagogical skills (or both). There is also a rumor that Teacher of the Year 2012, Tapani Lundgren, would already have been awarded in the 90’s.

Here is a list of the known teachers of the year. If you own any additional information about the issue, please stick it to us by mail to viestinta@tokyo.fi

2004 – Antti Ikonen
2005 – ???
2006 – Jyri Lahelma
2007 – Helena Hyvönen
2008 – Johan Eichhorn
2009 – Saku Heinänen
2010 – Antti Ikonen
2011 – Nora Tapper
2012 – Tapani Lundgren
2013 – Marco Rodriguez
2014 – Pirkko Pohjakallio
2015 – Minna Suoniemi

2016 – Tuija Peltomaa
2017 – ?????
2018 – Tiina Pusa