Torso magazine

tumblr_n5zroyuBl11rwg6oio1_r2_1280Torso is TOKYO’s magazine that is published at least four times a year. Torso’s editorial staff, consisting of students of ARTS, works independently under TOKYO’s board and is named annually.

And then a little history lesson. In the beginning the name of our former student union’s magazine was Arttu. The name referred to Arttu Bremer, who used to be an influential person in bygone TaiK. Bremer thought, that both art and design belonged to TaiK, because from his point of view interesting things were born with these two interacting. In the end TaiK’s administration appropriated Arttu and TOKYO founded a new magazine called Tokyon posti (“Tokyo’s post”). Over time this publication was mutated to Torso.

Through the years Torso’s essence has varied a lot. In 90’s the magazine was a black and white package of 40-60 pages. Back then Torso was published several times a year and its substance was all about topical stuff, for example school council elections.

By the mid-noughties Torso had transformed to flimsy booklet that was made with a copy machine. In these times Torso was compiled in its tokyowiki-page, where anyone who wanted could write an article of pretty much anything. Editing happened in real-time, after which maker-up copied the latest version to paper.

In the beginning of 2008 Torso started walking again along the Magazine Avenue and increased its number of pages back to 24-32 pages. After this there has been a little bit of variation in what Torso looks and sounds like, yet the underlying concept has remained the same throughout the years. Though, Torso has sailed to more artistic seas and further away from the school politics grounds. But it’s O.K.

You can take a look of more or less ancient Torsos here. The latest issue you’ll find from Kipsari, Lounge, and TOKYO’s service point. It is also possible to read Torso online.

Torso’s website is here. You can contact the editorial staff either by mailing to or by going to Torso’s Facebook-page.