The sectors of the TOKYO board

In general, TOKYO’s board pulls things together. But, to be sure that everything would be taken care of, each board member also has a sector to be responsible of. Sometimes, if the territory is wide, two people share the responsibility of the sector.

Sectors are assigned annually. So that being on the board would be as sane as possible for each of its members, the members of the board decide amongst themselves which sectors they choose to have on their responsibility.

At the moment TOKYO’s board contains following sectors:


The chairperson is TOKYO’s face, heart and soul. The chairperson also is the one who has the main responsibility to take care that the board works as it should as well as ensuring the board members’ well-being.


One of the board members has the responsibility and the honor to work as a vice-chair. This person co-operates with chairperson, mostly as a safety net and a helping hand. In other words the vice-chair takes care of things when the chair is prevented in one way or another. The vice-chair is also responsible for coordinating the TOKYO Committee.


The event responsibles’, aka Sheryls’, task is to light up the fire of love and make it burn around the school. That is to say that their job is to make sure that TOKYO’s members get a chance to meet each other not only in the classrooms, but also in different kind of happenings.Sheryls take care of organizing as well the old classics (Rousette skating, Spring- and Christmas sales and, of course, Maskerad) as inventing brand new ones.

If you have some kind of event on your mind and you would like TOKYO to work on the idea, please don’t hesitate to contact Sheryls! Same goes if you would like to lend a hand with some of the events that already exist. The e-mail is:


The advocacy sector takes care that our studies are well-organized and that their quality remains good. It is their point of honor that the justice is done for each and every student of this school.If there happens to be any kind of problems with student well-being, the quality of studies, or any related issues, please send e-mail to

New students

New students must be taken care of. That is why there is always one board member who is responsible for just that. The new students responsible recruits the tutors of Aalto ARTS, acts as their coordinator through the responsible tutors, and liaises with the ARTS Learning Services to create the program of the orientation weeks.


The internationality responsible takes care that our international students don’t miss out all the fun. One of our main goal is that there would not be a gap in between Finnish and international members of TOKYO, but that we all could be one merry happy united bunch of art students.

A good example of TOKYO’s international actions is our annual trip to Lapland, whose target audience are our international members. Smaller culture splashes organized by the internationality sector include international poetry days, movie nights and international theme days in Kipsari.

Campus and spaces

The campus and spaces responsible takes care of campus-related matters, ensuring that the students’ interests are heard in the school’s administration in matters related to the campus and the spaces in which the ARTS students spend time. Whether it be developing learning spaces, solving indoor air problems, or getting new furniture or games to Kipsari and other TOKYO spaces, the tentacles of the campus responsible reach wherever ARTS students also are.


The communications team takes care that the members of TOKYO know what they should know.

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If you want that information of something/anything to be added somewhere/anywhere, for example to this web page here, by TOKYO please contact us:

Executive manager

TOKYO’s executive manager is a paid employee who runs the student organization in co-operation with its board.

The executive manager is the factotum for its board, especially for the chairperson. The executive manager stays up to date with university- and higher education policy and always has the best tips of what things board should take care of. Taking care of TOKYO’s spaces, assets and property managing are also part of executive manager’s job, as is being a link in between TOKYO and the school management.