TOKYO Christmas Sales

kevatmyyjaiset2013veerakonsti-7The Christmas Sales is an annual event organized by TOKYO. The sales take place in November-December -axis and normally last from Friday to Sunday. During the years the Christmas Sales have been organized in various locations, including the Lume Gallery of the Arabia campus, in Kipsari and Helsinki’s Old Student House. In the 90’s TOKYO also arranged the event in its Into-gallery, which was located in Bulevardi.

The idea of the sales is that TOKYO members can sell their artwork there. Apparently it has worked so far so good, because many of the goods made by ARTS students have gained wide popularity after they have been represented in this event. In addition to wide visitor base also media has paid quite a lot attention for the sales. One could say that the Christmas Sales is the most visible event by TOKYO.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlmost two hundred sellers have participated in the event for the last couple of years. The tables for the sales are normally sold out in couple of hours. Selection of the sales contains for example graphic arts, comics, jewelry, postcards, glass art, ceramics, dishes, fabrics, lamps, magnets, clothes, accessories, photography, toys, pins and posters, made by the members of TOKYO. There is also a café run by TOKYO in the sales.

Because of the great popularity of the Christmas Sales TOKYO is nowadays also arranging Spring Sales -event that usually takes place in May.