Hey you young fellows / Hey you old farts / Tell me what’s going on ARTS?

1549440_10205208781208345_9185648533224959572_n‘What’s going on ARTS?’ is an open discussion event for ARTS students about things that have been confusing students lately: DEGREE REFORM & CHANGING THE DEPARTMENT STRUCTURE. Head of Student Services Leena Koskinen and the Dean Anna Valtonen will answer your questions and give new information. The event takes place on Wednesday December 10th.

In other words:
Do you have the feeling that you are lost in a forest? A dark forest of endless questions? A dark, dreadful forest without a glimpse of hope? Or would you rather be aware of all that is going on in this school instead of drifting aimlessly in dreary uncertainty. Or would it be simply nice to know how the things are at the moment and how they possibly could be in the future?

❥❥❥❥❥❥❥ COME ALONG

And this is how it goes:
16 -> Some snacks at Media Centre Lume (such free food!!!)
16:30 – 18:00 Discussion event at Sampo Hall (much information!! such possibilities to take action!!!)


The Facebook-event is here.

❥ The event is hosted by TOKYO ry, OOP and the Dean
❥ Join the discussion in social media! The official hashtag is #ARTSwhat