Maskerad’s theme revealed: Knights of Hearts!

Prepare your shiny armour and feel the love! TOKYO wants to welcome everyone to celebrate its birthday party as Arabia Maskerad 2016 is held under the theme Knights of Hearts. Theme was published in StartARTS! -party that kicked off academic year of ARTS in Restaurant boat Wäiski on 25.8.2015 (the party was a blast so thanks for everybody who attended).

Arabia Maskerad is held on Saturday 29.10.2016 in Media Center Lume and Kino Sheryl’s Lobby. The best costume of the night is traditionally rewarded. Tickets will be on sale later in the autumn.

More info about Maskerad and its history can be found here.
Maskerad’s own website is here and Facebook-group here.
Also, take a look on previous years’ picture galleries and get excited now!

Oh, and there is still some space in the organizing committee, so if you are interested in building this celebration don’t hesitate to contact Sheryls: Recruiting volunteers starts officially in week 35, so more info is coming up soon, stay tuned!