Welcome new students!

As a student of Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture (Aalto ARTS) you are a part of a large and diverse family, which consists of the great artists and designers of tomorrow. Together with fellow students you form a creative community. Being a student of this school is a source of pride and joy to many, after all our school is unique both in Finland and globally.

Our unique student culture is constantly changing through new generations of students. Though many have tried, the student culture of our school is difficult to describe. It is a collection of the most diverse phenomena, and individuals. The one unifying factor to it all is the love and passion that we put into our work and our studies.

There are eight student organizations for different depatments and programmes as well as The Guild of Architecture. The TOKYO Association brings together students from all fields. Together these organizations are building and creating our student culture as well as looking after the interests of us students in the school and in the society. The easiest way to meet students from your field is through the eight dedicated student organisations. Students from other fiels of art, design and architechture you will meet in TOKYO.

TOKYO represents students of Aalto ARTS in the university as well as in society in general. TOKYO’s goal is to make the world a better place for our students and to bring them together. This year TOKYO celebrates its 51st birthday by once again organizing Finland’s largest and most magnificent masquerade, The Arabia Maskerad! Just before Christmas the design and art of our students changes hands in TOKYO’s immensly popular Christmas Sales. TOKYO also serves excellent vegetarian and vegan food, and afterwork beers, in our own restaurant Kipsari, located in the school’s basement.

The easiest way to join in on the activities of TOKYO is to drop by at the office which is located next to Kipsari, in the school’s basement at the northern end of the building. Welcome!