TOKYOs board’s monthly post-it party, part three

What TOKYOs board has been doing on May? Or has it done anything at all? Keep on reading and find out!

Post-it party of March can be found here, April’s crazy celebration madness from here.

More specific descriptions of what each sector does in board are, ta-dahhh, here!

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Lurppa Haggrén, chair person

I helped in the Spring Sales. We had the general meeting and over there we decided what TOKYOs values are. Plans for the next three years as well. I made a questionnaire about campus stuff. Excited of who’s gonna be the teacher of the year!

Satu Sipilä, vice chair, school- and social politics, Poppoo-goddess

Hey all!
– returned to Finland
– been chair person in the spring meeting
– represented TOKYO in the Kipsari-meeting
– attended parties
teacher of the year -prize HAVE A GREAT SUMMER

Verna Kuntsi, social politics

Social politics has kept on fighting for students’ lungs

Iiro Immonen, school politics


Olli-Pekka Peltomäki, school politics

I have helped in TOKYOs café and VAU’s table in the Spring Sales. Soon I’ll go surfing because I have a perfect surf hair. OH YEAH!

Mikko Akkola, communications

I did the marketing for TOKYOs general meeting while partying in Vilnius. I gimmicked myself to KIPSARI’S board. I serviced my bike and now I’m cycling everywhere. On Monday I’ll go to TURKU!

Maija Ihanainen, communications

Made exchange studies -questionnaire, updated website and instagram and visited May Day -picnic (drank a beer in Kipsari on May Day Eve at 9:00, just because i can). Sent the member mail, made the three year -plan and the values and attended the general meeting and its after party. Visited in Otaniemi for couple of times, carried tables for the Spring Sales and loved spring and sat in TOKYOs Board’s meetings. That’s it. #TOKYOLOVE

Maija Mikkola, new students + tutoring

After tutoring stuff I’ve been helping with the Spring Sales. Summer is HERE!!!

Nina Chen, international affairs


Otto Rummukainen, Sheryl (events)

Graphic designer for Maskerad
Spring Sales
Came and went

Marianne El-Khoury, Sheryl (events)

Hello <3
Organized Spring Sales and took care of the café in there. That’s it. Been horribly busy with Näytös14!

This was the last post-it party before the vacations. Though some of the board members still keep on working for some time, we would like to wish every single one of our members a merry happy summer at this point. Let’s get back to the business in August!