Apply for halloped!

Hallopeds, student representatives, for year 2016 are now applied until 6.12. Hallopeds’ mission is to represent students in the joint administrative bodies and the working groups of Aalto University. They are participating on the groups as plenipotentiary members. Work load for the representing is estimated to take about 5-10 hour a month. In their position, they represent themselves and the whole student community. Student representatives are full members of administration – they only cannot have direct effect on the evaluation of thesis. All student union members can apply for the position of a halloped through the open call for applications. Hallopeds and the Student Union Board together aim at preserving and improving students’ services and equity in the academic community. All students are encouraged to provide them with feedback to guide their influencing work. The Board of the Aalto University Student Union, AYY, will appoint the student representatives to the administration at its meeting. AYY aswell organizes training for new student representatives. Representative places for ARTS students are: ARTS Laaturyhmä (ARTS Quality Group) Tutkintolautakunta (Aalto University Degree Committee) Ravintolalautakunta (Restaurant Committee) Kielikeskuksen johtoryhmä (Management Group of the Language Centre) Opintotukilautakunta (Student Financial Aid Committee) Arkkitehtuurin laitoksen koulutusryhmä (Education Group of Architecture) Aalto-yliopiston akateeminen komitea (University’s Committee for Academic Affairs) Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulun akateeminen komitea (Academic Committee of ARTS) Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulun opetuksen johtoryhmä (Curriculum Working Group of the School of ARTS)