Maskerad Poster Competition 2022

This fall TOKYO celebrates its 61st birthday – with the most breathtaking and exciting theme! TOKYO is now looking for someone to visualize “Paradise under Construction” into a poster. The posters will be used as one of our main advertising tools for the Maskerad and spread far and wide around our campus. Once a Maskerad poster is printed it will forever remain as an archived piece of TOKYO’s history.

You can get inspired with the official theme video:

Contest rules:

1 Contest duration and right of participation

The contest begins on the 26th of September and ends on the 10th of October 2022 at 15:00. All students of Aalto University have the right to participate in the contest.

 2 Submissions

Submit your poster proposal via email to TOKYO’s communication responsbiles Mana Tashakorinia ([email protected]) and Natalia Trzmielak ([email protected]). The email should include the following:

–          Attached PDF of the poster without personal details, as the proposals will be processed anonymously.

–          Include your personal information in the email’s message field.

–          Write ‘Maskerad Poster Competition’ as the topic of the email.


3 Framework for the Poster

Size: A2 with 3 mm bleeds

Technique: free

Info the poster must include:

–          Maskerad 2022 (name of the party)

–          Paradise under Construction (the theme of the party)

–          4.11.2022 (the date)

–          20-late (the time)

–          Otakaari 5L High Voltage Hall (the venue)

–          XX€/XX€ (placement for ticket price, TOKYO members/nonmembers, price announced later)

–          Place where to add sponsor logos

–          Place where to add performing artist names


At the visual evaluation of the proposals, the following are also considered:

–          Communicating the theme of the party

–          Uniqueness of the idea

–          Overall coolness


4 Choosing the winner

The winner will be chosen via online vote, done by TOKYO members, during 11.-14.10. The winner will be notified personally, but the final poster will be revealed later to the general public.


5 Contents of the design work

Once the winner is decided, they will be in charge of finalizing the poster (adding sponsor logos, performers names, etc.) and a Facebook-banner for the Maskerad party fitting to the look of the poster. Sizes for these will be provided by TOKYO.


6 Rewards

For their design work the winner (1st place) will receive a reward of 150€, two (2) tickets to the Maskerad party & bonus.


The 2nd place winner will get 50€ and two (2) Maskerad tickets, and the 3rd place winner will get two (2) Maskerad tickets.


7 Schedule

26.9. Competition begins

10.10. Deadline for the submissions 15:00

11.–14.10. Winner will be decided via online voting (TOKYO members)

15.10. All poster contestants are contacted

20.10. Final poster and Facebook banner must be sent to TOKYO.


8 Other things to consider

If you have questions regarding the competition, please contact communications Mana Tashakorinia (mana.tashakorinia[a] or TG @Mana_tn) and Natalia Trzmielak (natalia.trzmielak[a] or TG @ciaoimnat).